Valley update.

The work to improve drainage in the valley is moving forward depite the weather. The banks have been dug out apart from the section across the 2nd hole, which will be completed early next week.
The rest of the bankings have been prepared for turfing and sections across the 11th & 15th have been turfed. Turfing will continue over the next week.

The drainage outlets have been leveled and cleaned out. Additional drains will be added later in the winter.
The crossing points have been raised and the astroturf removed. This will be replaced by a hard wearing rye grass and a plastic ground stabilisation material. The crossing points will be roped off and temporary crossing points created while the turf recovers.
Please pick any balls out of the ditch using the rakes supplied as walking down the turf will destroy the bankings.
Again, some hole closures will occur during this work. Thank you for your patience at this time.


  1. So little mess made, considering the weather you guys have had to cope with. It's looking so much better, I can't wait to play..
    I'm amazed with everything going on, just how quickly you've got on with the task..

    Well done to everyone, keep up the good work..

    1. The last section across the 2nd was shaped today and some drain extensions put in across the 15th carry. The turf should be with us tomorrow, so should all be finished by the weekend. Seems to be draining better already.


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