Course Update

Despite the prolonged wet weather, work has continued to move forward on the course and with the recent dry weather set to continue, we plan to start tidying and fininshing off the drainage and tree removal.
The creation of the mounding and pond alterations on the 2nd hole are nearly ready for seeding. The top soil just needs spreading and raking off. The fescue grasses should look amazing and provide a much improved feature next to the green.

The drainage work next to the 3rd green is ready for topping up with rootzone and the frosty forecast will allow this to happen. This area will still take a while to dry out as the amount of roots is hampering the flow of water thru the soil profile. 
The drains on the 4th hole will also be topped up. Seeding will take place when the rootzone has setttled and the temperatures warm up.

The large tree roots have been removed on the 4th, 5th, 12th & 16th, but there is still a fair amout of repair work to complete before these areas are seeded. We will also install drainage in some of the tree holes as they were planted on top of older drains.

The remaining tree roots will be removed during the next week and then tidied. This should mark the end of this winters tree work.

We will also be completing the laying of the hedging next to the 9th tee. There are a lot of holes in the hedge, but we will be planting new hawthorn to fill these in and erecting a barbwire fence to prevent trespass.
The car park will also have around 500 hawthorn planted to create a barrier next to Happy Mount Park. An area next to the coast road on the 2nd hole will also be planted up to create a natural barrier. 

With the dry weather, we also plan to aerate the greens and top-dress some of the worn traffic areas. The tees will also receive some much needed attention including tining , top-dressing and feeding.

I hope you can attend the Greens information night on the 8th March. It should be an informative night for all.



  1. Always thought this was a much under- recognised feature. I'm sure the original design must have pushed the golfer over this side of the fairway to bring it into play, given the green opening faces from this left hand side

    1. Thanks for your comments. The long term plan for the course is to improve existing and develop new ponds on the course. This should help with drainage and also improve the golf experiance. We hope it will also increase wildlife habitats and biodiversity on the course.


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