Golf Course Etiquette.

The 30th of August will be national Golf Etiquette day. With this in mind, I would like to highlight a few issues we have at Morecambe Golf Club.

Standards af etiquette have slipped throughout the world of Golf over the last 10 years, no one seems to have an answer why this has happened, but it is hoped by increasing awareness of the consequences of poor etiquette, this problem can be reduced.

It is extremely noticable that the greens at Morecambe are peppered in unrepaired pitchmarks.

 Last Thursday morning, I took some new range balls from the Pro's shop and placed a ball on each unrepaired pitchmark scar on the 3rd green.

In total, there were 286 scars on the surface of the green! Each one creating a hollow which effects ball roll. The scars also allow Meadow grass a perfect place to germinate and thrive. The Greenstaff spend a large amount of time and money trying to perfect the putting surfaces. Pitchmarks, if unrepaired destroy those surfaces. Watch the videos below for more information.

Golf strikes on Greenstaff.
Sadly, another area were etiquette has slipped. There have been a number of near misses for our staff members in the last 2 months. 
Please do not play a shot if a member of the Greens team are anywhere near your target area. We will be aware of you and will move aside and signal it is safe for you to play. 
Think, "would I play if there was a golfer there"? 
We know you don't try to hit us, but we are usually on a noisy machine and sometimes have our back to you.

Bunkers and Divots.
Another area were the golf course needs your help. Please rake the bunker after you have played your shot and place the rake back on its stand. Think of the players behind you and the condition they may find the bunker in.
Please replace your divots on fairways and approaches. Again, think of the difficulty in playing a shot out of a fresh divot scar.

If we all play our part the course will be a credit to everyone at the club and also a safer environment for the staff.



  1. Absolutely shocking, but sadly not surprising. We all want to putt on good, smooth surfaces, yet it appears we all don't want (or can't be bothered) to repair the marks we leave.

    As a long serving pro at Morecambe drummed into us as juniors, it's our golf course, look after it.

    After all, it's in all of our interests to do so..

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Everyone benefits from good etiqette.


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