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Update & Renovation week.

Firstly, Apologies for the lack of news on the blog, I know it's not really an excuse, but we have been quite busy.
It seems a lifetime ago that the liner on the Irrigation storage tank split and left us without water for over 5 weeks. But in hindsight, this has has been a really good thing for the greens. I had always intended to dry the greens out this year, as the soil profile had been so wet since July 2107, but I would have liked a bit more control over moisture levels!
As it was, we all witnessed how hardy fine turf grasses can be. The finer Bent & Fescue species hung on by their finger nails, while the Annual Meadow grass curled up & died. 

This gave us a great opportunity to increase the amount of fine species in the greens by over-seeding into the bare ground and spaces. This has been highly successful with huge increases in population levels. This also leads sadly to some slower putting speeds while the seedlings were growing in & maturing. It seems pointless an…