Drainage work on the 4th hole.

The 4th fairway has suffered all year with the continual rainfall. A combination of damaged drains, tree roots and issues with the outlet onto the shore have made the hole unplayable at times.
The club have provided the funds to carry out improvements and the greenstaff have been busy installing new drain lines with perforated pipe and washed gravel.
The 1st area to be trenched was close to the fairway bunkers. A large floating "cows belly" had appeared which indicated broken pipework below. A new 100mm pipe drain has been installed and connected into a servicable clay tile land drain (which was rodded). This area has dried out already and will improve even more when we dig a small extension drain to the area.

The next area to be drained was closer to the tee, near the rear of the 16th green. Large quantities of water have been running across the surface from the R/H side of the fairway and rough. 2 problems were discovered, a spring and old land drains damaged by tree roots. These drains have been repaired and connected into the new pipework.
The work in this area has been extensive, but the results so far have been impressive. More trenches will be dug out early next week to complete to job.

You can clearly see the tree roots which have invaded the existing drainage, to prevent further root problems the 3 Sycamores will be removed and the stumps dug out.
The trenches have been filled to within 200mm of the surface with washed gravel, they will be left open over the winter to improve water movement and will be topped up with sand/soil and then seeded in early spring.
Copy and paste the link below to see the results of our work.

More updates will follow.


  1. It's nice to see your updates about ongoing drainage work. It's only work carried out like this that helps to keep the course open.
    After all the rain in recent months, it proves how imperative it is to keep up with this type of work.
    The work in front of the bunkers on the 4th fairway has certainly proved it's worth already.


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